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UK National Lottery Playslip Instructions

There have been 7 playslip designs to date - the changes between designs are listed below:

First-generation playslip
Monday 14th November 1994-Saturday 16th March 1996

Second-generation playslip
Sunday 17th March 1996-Wednesday 29th January 1997

Third-generation playslip
Thursday 30th January 1997-Sunday 12th November 2000

Fourth-generation playslip
Monday 13th November 2000-Sunday 12th May 2002

Fifth-generation playslip
Monday 13th May 2002-Sunday 1st December 2002

Sixth-generation playslip
Monday 2nd December 2002-late 2005 Seventh-generation playslip
Late 2005 onwards

Lottery playslips are printed by Stralfors UK, the British branch of its Swedish parent company. The following text is reproduced without permission from the back of a third-generation UK National Lottery playslip:

How To Play The UK National Lottery

How To Win

Allocation Of Prize Money

How To Claim Your Prize

The National Lottery Game Rules

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