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The UK National Lottery Prize Structure

The current prize structure came into effect with the introduction of the main Lotto raffle on Saturday 5th October 2013.

The total prize pools for the main Lotto and the main Lotto raffle are 42.47% and 5.03% respectively of the total cost of the tickets sold for that draw. If all the 5.03% isn't spent on raffle prizes, the remaining amount goes into a reserve fund, which is used for future raffle draws (e.g. to fund a shortfall or to add more raffle prizes). The percentage figures are rounded down to the nearest 10p when applied to ticket sales before further calculations on it are performed (don't ask me why!).

All 3-match prizes are fixed at £25 each (there is one exception to this - see the Notes section below) and are subtracted from the total prize pool. The allocation of the remaining money (known as the "Pools Fund") is as follows:


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