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From Monday 11th November 1996 onwards, Camelot redesigned the UK lottery ticket to include extra features. Firstly, there is a cancellation box which the retailer fills in to void a ticket, although it must be returned to the retailer within 15 minutes of purchase to obtain a refund after this voiding. Secondly, there is a new horizontal security barcode in addition to the standard vertical barcode, but the width of the ticket remains 83mm (the height varies depending on how many lines [1-7] the customer buys).

From Friday 8th August 1997 onwards, the 16-digit security code is now displayed at the top of the ticket (just below the "newsflash" they put on the ticket) as well as its original location just below the retailer terminal number.

From Saturday 9th August 1997 onwards, all new ticket rolls dispatched to retailers have a new design on the front. Instead of having four columns of alternatingly shaded crossed fingers, the first three columns of fingers have been replaced with cartoon images of the Good Causes projects - a scientist looking into a microscope, a boat, a hurdler, a transit van, an artist, a musician and a few other miscellaneous images.

Lottery ticket rolls are printed by Stralfors UK, the British branch of its Swedish parent company. The following text is reproduced without permission from the back of a UK National Lottery ticket that was purchased on Thursday 5th June 1997 (shortly after the wording was radically changed).

The UK National Lottery

If 3 or more of your numbers in one selection match those drawn (in any order), you win a prize (see Game Rules for full details). The draw is shown live on television. Winning numbers also appear in newspapers and are available from the National Lottery Line 0645 100000.

HOW TO CLAIM: Please refer to the How To Play leaflet, available from all National Lottery Game Retailers, for full details of how to claim. You can collect a prize of £75 or less from any National Lottery Game Retailer. At their discretion, all retailers can pay up to £200. Some retailers are authorised to pay prizes of up to £500. National Lottery Post Offices will pay out prizes of up to £10,000. Anything above £10,000 must be claimed in person from a National Lottery Regional Centre. When claiming more than £500, please bring two proofs of identity. If you win more than £500 or claim by post, you will need to complete a claim form, available from all National Lottery Game Retailers or by telephoning the National Lottery Line.

If you claim by post, send your ticket and a completed claim form at your own risk to:

The Accounts Department,
The National Lottery,
P.O. Box 287,
Watford. WD1 8TT

You must claim your prize within 180 days of the draw date. Safe custody of your ticket is your responsibility. You are likely to lose your entitlement to a prize if you lose your winning ticket or if it is stolen, even if you have put your name and address on the back. If you require any further information, of if you are a Match 5 plus Bonus or a Match 6 winner, please ring the National Lottery Line.

[The ticket serial number is displayed here]

This ticket is issued subject to the Rules for On-Line Games and the National Lottery Game Procedures, which set out the contractual rights and obligations of the player and the game promoter. They are available from National Lottery Game Retailers by phoning the National Lottery Line or by writing to the address below. Camelot is entitled to treat this ticket as invalid if the data hereon does not correspond with the entries on its central computer.

The National Lottery is run by Camelot Group plc under licence granted by the Director General of the National Lottery. Over the licence period, around 28% of the value of the National Lottery ticket sales will go to the Good Causes designated by Parliament. The principal office of Camelot Group plc is:

The National Lottery,
Tolpits Lane,
Watford. WD1 8RN

[There's a Name/Address/Postcode form here, which you should fill in as soon as possible after purchasing your ticket, though note that nowhere on the back on the ticket does it tell you to actually do this, which is a serious omission !]

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