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The ultimate lottery links page !         10  Richard K. Lloyd
UK National Lottery Background Info       10  Richard K. Lloyd
UK National Lottery Newsflashes           10  Richard K. Lloyd
UK National Lottery press releases        10  Department of National Heritage (Updated)
The National Lottery in Surrey            10  Surrey County Council
UK National Lottery Numerical Analysis    10  Richard K. Lloyd
UK National Lottery results pages         10  Richard K. Lloyd
LotteryUSA - US lottery results           10  The Cunningham Group, Inc.
UK National Lottery Lucky Dip             10  Richard K. Lloyd
On-line commercial lottery                10  Inter Lotto (Liechtenstein)
Australian lottery info and syndicates     9  Lotto Shack
Gambling links                             9  Nerd World Media
Search for "lottery" or "lotto"            9  Alta Vista (Digital)
UK National Lottery good causes            9  Dept. Culture, Media, Sport
Office of the UK National Lottery          9  OFLOT (Updated)
UK lottery results                         9  Mike Potter
Hong Kong Mark Six lottery results         9  Hong Kong Telecom IMS Ltd
Official Western Australia lottery site    9  W. Australia Government
Don't play foreign lotteries by mail...    9  US Postal Service
Lottery wheels site                        9  Peter Rosendahl (Updated)
Belgian lottery results                    9  Rudi Roth
UK lottery results and Atari ST shareware  9  Mark Butler (Updated)
Shareware PC lottery picker                9  Sunil Gupta
Official Australian (NSW) lottery site     9  NSW Lotteries
Australian official lottery site           9  Tattersall's
New Zealand Lotto results                  9  Jason Walker
Commercial US lottery results              9  LottoNet New Media Srv.
US lottery news, info and results          9  Lottery News
Official Kentucky lottery site             9  InterLotto
Official Pennsylvania lottery site         9  InterLotto
Official Virginia Lottery site             9  InterLotto
Official Florida state lottery site        9  The Millennium Group
Official Minnesota state lottery site      9  Minnesota State
California Super Lotto results             9  Technique Development
Colorado lottery results                   9  Chester Bullock
Shareware PC Lottery Computa-Picka         9  Quintin Willison
Australian lottery tickets sold online     9  Dreams Come True (Updated)
Canadian lottery syndicates                8  Kathy Mario
rec.gambling.lottery newsgroup             8  Usenet
Search for "lottery" or "lotto"            8  Lycos
Lottery links                              8  Rolling Good Times Online
Lottery links                              8  Bingo Bugle Newspaper
Soccer and gambling (inc. lottery) links   8  Forth Dimension
UK National Lottery TV show tickets        8  BBC (Updated)
UK National Lottery good causes            8  Dept. Culture, Media, Sport
Australian lottery results                 8  Brad Hedgman
Gambling and lottery comments and links    8  Arjan van 't Veer
UK lottery software and theory             8  Matthew Wittich
UK lottery results and links               8  Lottery Central (Updated)
Hong Kong Mark Six lottery results         8  Hong Kong Star Internet
Official Queensland lottery site           8  Golden Casket
Official world lottery associations        8  AILE/Intertoto
UK lottery results by e-mail               8  Colin Riddle (New)
Official Quebec lottery site               8  Loto-Quebec
Birmingham's Millennium Point project      8  Birmingham University (Updated)
UK National Lottery analysis               8  Johnny Chan
Lotto World magazine                       8  Lotto World
UK National Lottery results                8  Steve Greenwood
UK lottery results and checker             8  Internet Marketplace (Updated)
Random lottery ticket generators           8  Mike Arnold
Latest Irish lottery results               8  Dennis Sheehan (Updated)
Official UK NLCB site                      8  National Lottery Charities Board
Portuguese lottery results and links       8  Tiago Nunes (Updated)
PC UK lottery freeware                     8  Roger Callan (Updated)
Canadian lottery results/analysis          8  Royce Penny
Irish Lotto results via teletext           8  RTE Teletext
Canadian lottery results                   8  Bill Gillespie
Canadian lottery results and analysis      8  Buddy Villaluz (Updated)
Finnish lottery                            8  Veikkaus
US lottery results                         8  Yahoo!
Florida lottery results and stats          8  Eddy Joe (Updated)
New York lottery results                   8  Finest Image
Official Wisconsin lottery site            8  Wisconsin Lottery
Official Arizona lottery site              8  Arizona Lottery
Official Indiana lottery site              8  Hoosier Lottery
Official California Lottery site           8  California Lottery
US lottery results                         8  USA Today Newspaper
US lottery results                         8  Internet Exchange
Connecticut and Powerball lottery results  8  Quality Graphics & Marketing
Illinois lottery results                   8  Access Illinois (Updated)
Official New York lottery site             8  New York Lottery
Official Nebraska lottery site             8  Nebraska Lottery
Official Kansas lottery site               8  Kansas Lottery
Official Texas state lottery results       8  Texas State Comptroller
Official Oregon state lottery site         8  Oregon Lottery (Updated)
Official Washington state lottery site     8  Washington State Lottery
Official West Virginia state lottery site  8  West Virginia Lottery
Lottery machines vendor                    8  Interlott
Scratchcard manufacturer                   8  Scientific Games Holdings Corp.
South German lottery ticket vendor         8  SKL Boesche
California Super Lotto results             8  David Cassano
California results, analysis and software  8  SoftEase Software (Updated)
UK lottery random ticket generator         8  WebShop (Updated)
UK Lottery random ticket generator         8  Rob Davies
Florida Lottery random ticket generator    8  Robert Forsman (Updated)
California Lotto random ticket generator   8  Jonathan Wong
Australian Lotto number suggestions        8  Captive Data - Computer Programming
6 from 49 lottery simulator                8  Ken Lupton
Lottery sweepstakes game                   8  Automation Alternatives Inc.
Trinidad & Tobago results and shareware    8  Gordon Gonsalves
Freeware Psion 3 UK Lottery line checker   8  Alan Meban
Freeware PC simulation of Kansas Lottery   8  Ronald L. Wasserstein
Commercial PC California lottery software  8  Warner-Hobbs Software
German lottery agent                       8  Harry Neugebauer
Austrian lotteries page                    8  Austrian Lotteries
Swiss Lotto tickets sold online            8  Federico Cesconi (Updated)
Search for "lottery" or "lotto"            7  Yahoo
Lottery links                              7  WinBet Software
Lottery links                              7  Casino Network
UK National Lottery predictions            7  John Atkinson
UK National Lottery futility               7  C.G. Systems (Updated)
Canadian lottery results                   7  Interactive Connections
Lottery information                        7  Cybergeezer
Australian lottery ticket vendor           7  Luck-e-Lotto
UK National Lottery Act overview           7  HMSO (Updated)
"Natural Rules" of the lottery             7  Serge Fren
UK lottery results                         7  Robert Shaw
UK lottery results by e-mail               7  Digial Media (Updated)
UK lottery results and analysis            7  Bob Hussey (Updated)
Advice for lottery winners                 7  Prosperity Partners, Inc.
UK lottery PC freeware                     7  Andrew Clark (Updated)
Minnesota Internet gambling prohibition    7  Minnesota Attorney General's Office (Updated)
UK lottery results and links               7  Ted Kelly
European lottery association               7  AELLE (Updated)
Portuguese lottery results/software        7  Jorge Salgado (Updated)
UK lottery PC shareware and results        7  Steve Blundell
UK Lottery results graphically displayed   7  Barry Kellett
PC shareware UK lottery checker            7  Martin Doyle (Updated)
Shareware Mac lottery software             7  Richard Seale
Commercial Mac lottery software            7  B&B Software Group
UK lottery free syndicate                  7  The Telegraph
Private UK lottery syndicate details       7  Dave Archer (Updated)
Lottery results from around the world      7  World Shoppers Int. Ltd.
Official Canadian lottery results          7  Atlantic Lottery Corporation (Updated)
Canadian lottery results                   7  Omega
Commercial PC lottery software             7  Official Software
Official Missouri lottery site             7  Missouri Lottery
Official New Jersey lottery site           7  New Jersey Lottery
US lottery results and analysis            7  Lotto Link
Official Illinois state lottery site       7  Illinois State
Official New Hampshire state lottery site  7  New Hampshire State
Official Iowa state lottery site           7  Iowa State
Official Maryland Lottery info             7  Maryland State Lottery
Official Powerball/Tri-West Lotto pages    7  Multi-State Lottery Association
Official Pennsylvania state lottery site   7  Pennsylvania Lottery
Major commercial lottery vendor            7  GTech Corporation
Texas lottery club, results and analysis   7  Dennis Douglas
Texas lottery syndicate                    7  Texas Lotto Club
Arizona state lottery results              7  KVOA Communications Inc. (Updated)
US/Canadian lottery results                7  Microscopolis, Inc.
US lottery results and lottery links       7  Lotto Edge Magazine (Updated)
Michigan Lotto results                     7  The Detroit News
Virginia State Lottery results             7  Herndon Web Services, Inc.
Louisiana Lotto winning numbers            7  Allware Computer Services, Inc.
New Jersey lottery results                 7  World Of Interest Internet Corporation
Florida random ticket generator            7  Unknown
10 random Pick-6 tickets                   7  Unknown
Random lottery ticket generator            7  Mr. Lotto (Updated)
UK Lottery random ticket generator         7  Dave Page
German random ticket generator             7  Unknown
Shareware PC lottery software              7  John Dreese
UK lottery syndicate PC freeware           7  Dave Gladwin
Commercial lottery software store          7  Walter Computer Services
Commercial PC lottery software             7  FutureSoft Ltd
Australian commercial PC lottery software  7  Solid Software (Updated)
Australian commercial PC lottery software  7  Aureole Electronic Research
German on-line lottery                     7  JAXX
Australian Lottery tickets sold on-line    7  TMS Australian Lottery Services
Syndicate agreement forms and advice       7  Before-the-Event Ltd. (Updated)
German lottery agent                       7  Otto Wulff
Lottery book and syndicate advice          7  Kennesaw Mountain Publishing
US lottery results                         7  B & D Used Auto Parts
Official Swiss lottery site                7  Loterie Romande
Swiss Lotto tickets sold online            7  The Hyper-Store
Barney's Lotto Corner                      7  Bernhard Raggl
Australian lottery tickets sold on-line    7  Territory Lottery Company
Lottery links                              6  HandiLinks
Lottery links                              6  Winners Publishing Inc.
Lottery ticket vendor                      6  Tiger Pool
South African lottery tickets sold online  6  Viva
Official Polish lottery site               6  Doskomp Ltd.
Java random ticket generator               6  Novapeer Computers Limited
Lottery combination generator              6  RymaCan Web Design (Updated)
Random ticket generator                    6  CityCard (Updated)
Irish lottery results and tickets          6  Lysa
Official UK lottery site                   6  Camelot Group plc
Portuguese lottery analysis                6  Caridade
Random ticket generator software           6  Gourami Software
Commercial PC lottery software             6  Green Dot Software (Updated)
Commercial lottery service                 6  LottoPro Systems Corp.
PC lottery software                        6  CCA Software
Commercial PC lottery software             6  Clear Choice Software (Updated)
Commercial South German lottery site       6  F.W. Meirebert
UK lottery syndicate                       6  M.T. Green
Lottery club                               6  Interserve 2000
German lottery club                        6  LottoTeam Online (Updated)
New Zealand Lotto PC software and results  6  Critec Software (Updated)
Spanish lottery results                    6  Loterķa Ormaechea
Spanish lottery results                    6  Cyber Magazine
Lottery America (results/freeware)         6  America's Winning Numbers Corp.
Official Delaware Lottery info             6  Delaware State
Commercial UK lottery site                 6  The Lottery Company
Gail Howard                                6  Gail Howard
Canadian commercial PC lottery software    6  NPS micro
Gwen's Lotto - general lottery info        6  Lottery Connection (Updated)
Virginia State Lottery results             6  Virginia Networks
UK lottery random ticket generator         6  Catech Web Illusions
Lottery Quick Pick                         6  Greene Productions
Shareware PC lottery software              6  Richard Barton
Freeware (?) PC lottery software           6  O'Falls Software
Shareware PC lottery software              6  XS Software
Shareware/commercial software              6  Data Solutions
Freeware/commercial PC lottery software    6  JPM Computer
Commercial PC lottery software/club        6  Entertainment On-line
Commercial PC lottery software             6  HappySoft
Commercial/freeware PC lottery software    6  A. Federico
Commercial Mac lottery software            6  Mountain Ridge Dataworks
Commercial PC lottery software             6  Richard Barton
On-line commercial lottery                 6  InterKeno Ltd. (Updated)
Commercial Irish Lottery syndicate         6  Irish Lottery Syndicates
Commercial lottery software and info       6  The Lottery Specialist (Updated)
Lottery calendar and books                 6  Miss Mabel (Updated)
Commercial lottery info                    6  Jackpot Alert Service
Spanish lottery tickets sold on-line       6  Erin Ltd. (Updated)
Official Spanish lottery site              6  Del Rosario
North-west German lottery                  6  NKL Lottery
UK lottery results                         5  North Wales Newspapers (Updated)
"Free" lottery game                        5  BIG International
Shareware PC software                      5  LottoWise
Lottery club and software                  5  Jackpot Lotto Club
International lottery club                 5  T.M.C. Marketing, Inc. (Updated)
Irish Lotto results and analysis           5  Myles Garland
Official South Dakota state lottery site   5  South Dakota Lottery
Zodiac Forecasts for InterLotto lottery    5  Jonathan Cainer
Shareware PC lottery software              5  GreyZone (Updated)
Commercial PC lottery software             5  Expert Software (Updated)
Commercial PC lottery software             5  MNR Associates
Lottery/soccer pools syndicate agreements  5  Unknown
New York lottery club                      5  Orlando World Services (Updated)
US lottery club                            5  NLC Enterprises
UK/Canadian lottery tickets sold online    5  F.U.E.
Official Serbian lottery site              4  Pedja Micic
Lottery tips and info via snail mail       4  Lotto Joe (Updated)
Irish lottery results and tickets          4  LYSA
Canadian lottery syndicate                 4  Millionaire's Lottery Club
Lottery syndicate                          4  Logistics Service Corp.
US lottery syndicate                       4  Chance-of-a-Lifetime Inc. (Updated)
Latest Texas lottery result                4  Lotto Texas
Random Florida ticket generator            4  Michael Knudsen
Commercial Excel spreadsheet               4  Dinero
Commercial wheeling system                 4  Gameworks USA
Lottery ticket scraper                     4  K&S Design & Dist.
alt.lotto.players newsgroup                3  Usenet
On-line lottery                            3  Prize Lottery Online
UK lottery syndicate                       3  Vincent O'Brien
UK lottery syndicate                       3  Mal Kaufman
Colorado and Powerball lottery club        3  Cherts'n'Nummers
Arizona lottery links                      3  Valley Web Services (Updated)
Arizona state lottery results              3  Unknown (Updated)
PC Lotto-Master predictor                  3  Rockware
Outback Lotto Club                         3  TEAMwork International (Updated)
alt.gambling newsgroup                     2  Usenet
Commercial PC random ticket generator      2  TechSys Consulting Inc.
Commercial lottery system                  2  Ray Colon (Updated)
Florida Lottery Club                       2  Lot O Winners, Inc.
Gwen's Lotto pages                         1  Unknown (Updated)
Maine state lottery results                1  Maine State Lottery
Commercial lottery video                   1  William B. Lott Jr. (Updated)
German lottery ticket vendor               1  Lotterie-Einnahme Hameln (Updated)
Commercial UK lottery agency               1  UK-Cathay Services
Lottery tickets sold on-line               1  Lottonet
Florida lottery spoof                      0  Unknown
Scratchcard pyramid scheme                 0  Sunridge
Lottery numerology                         0  NetMatch, Inc.
UK lottery ticket vendors                  0  Lottonet Ltd. (Updated)
UK lottery tickets sold online             0  InterLott (Updated)
Commercial lottery advice                  0  Barry Stier


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