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Other commercial lottery services

Description                              Rate Maintainer
Commercial US lottery results              9  LottoNet New Media Srv.
US lottery news, info and results          9  Lottery News
Lotto World magazine                       8  Lotto World
Finnish lottery                            8  Veikkaus
Lottery machines vendor                    8  Interlott
Scratchcard manufacturer                   8  Scientific Games Holdings Corp.
Advice for lottery winners                 7  Prosperity Partners, Inc.
Major commercial lottery vendor            7  GTech Corporation
Syndicate agreement forms and advice       7  Before-the-Event Ltd. (Updated)
Lottery book and syndicate advice          7  Kennesaw Mountain Publishing
Commercial lottery service                 6  LottoPro Systems Corp.
Commercial South German lottery site       6  F.W. Meirebert
Lottery America (results/freeware)         6  America's Winning Numbers Corp.
Commercial UK lottery site                 6  The Lottery Company
Gail Howard                                6  Gail Howard
Commercial PC lottery software/club        6  Entertainment On-line
Commercial lottery software and info       6  The Lottery Specialist (Updated)
Lottery calendar and books                 6  Miss Mabel (Updated)
Commercial lottery info                    6  Jackpot Alert Service
UK lottery results                         5  North Wales Newspapers (Updated)
Lottery/soccer pools syndicate agreements  5  Unknown
Lottery tips and info via snail mail       4  Lotto Joe (Updated)
Commercial wheeling system                 4  Gameworks USA
Lottery ticket scraper                     4  K&S Design & Dist.
Commercial lottery system                  2  Ray Colon (Updated)
Commercial lottery video                   1  William B. Lott Jr. (Updated)
Scratchcard pyramid scheme                 0  Sunridge
Lottery numerology                         0  NetMatch, Inc.
UK lottery ticket vendors                  0  Lottonet Ltd. (Updated)
Commercial lottery advice                  0  Barry Stier


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