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Freeware/shareware lottery software

Description                              Rate Maintainer
UK lottery results and Atari ST shareware  9  Mark Butler (Updated)
Shareware PC lottery picker                9  Sunil Gupta
Shareware PC Lottery Computa-Picka         9  Quintin Willison
UK lottery software and theory             8  Matthew Wittich
PC UK lottery freeware                     8  Roger Callan (Updated)
Connecticut and Powerball lottery results  8  Quality Graphics & Marketing
California results, analysis and software  8  SoftEase Software (Updated)
Trinidad & Tobago results and shareware    8  Gordon Gonsalves
Freeware Psion 3 UK Lottery line checker   8  Alan Meban
Freeware PC simulation of Kansas Lottery   8  Ronald L. Wasserstein
Commercial PC California lottery software  8  Warner-Hobbs Software
UK lottery PC freeware                     7  Andrew Clark (Updated)
UK lottery results and links               7  Ted Kelly
Portuguese lottery results/software        7  Jorge Salgado (Updated)
UK lottery PC shareware and results        7  Steve Blundell
PC shareware UK lottery checker            7  Martin Doyle (Updated)
Shareware Mac lottery software             7  Richard Seale
Shareware PC lottery software              7  John Dreese
UK lottery syndicate PC freeware           7  Dave Gladwin
Commercial PC lottery software             7  FutureSoft Ltd
Random ticket generator software           6  Gourami Software
PC lottery software                        6  CCA Software
Lottery America (results/freeware)         6  America's Winning Numbers Corp.
Canadian commercial PC lottery software    6  NPS micro
Shareware PC lottery software              6  Richard Barton
Freeware (?) PC lottery software           6  O'Falls Software
Shareware PC lottery software              6  XS Software
Shareware/commercial software              6  Data Solutions
Freeware/commercial PC lottery software    6  JPM Computer
Commercial PC lottery software/club        6  Entertainment On-line
Commercial/freeware PC lottery software    6  A. Federico
Commercial Mac lottery software            6  Mountain Ridge Dataworks
Shareware PC software                      5  LottoWise
Shareware PC lottery software              5  GreyZone (Updated)


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