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Non-UK/Non-US lottery results

Description                              Rate Maintainer
Australian lottery info and syndicates     9  Lotto Shack
Hong Kong Mark Six lottery results         9  Hong Kong Telecom IMS Ltd
Official Western Australia lottery site    9  W. Australia Government
Belgian lottery results                    9  Rudi Roth
Official Australian (NSW) lottery site     9  NSW Lotteries
Australian official lottery site           9  Tattersall's
New Zealand Lotto results                  9  Jason Walker
Australian lottery tickets sold online     9  Dreams Come True (Updated)
Australian lottery results                 8  Brad Hedgman
Hong Kong Mark Six lottery results         8  Hong Kong Star Internet
Official Queensland lottery site           8  Golden Casket
Official Quebec lottery site               8  Loto-Quebec
Latest Irish lottery results               8  Dennis Sheehan (Updated)
Portuguese lottery results and links       8  Tiago Nunes (Updated)
Canadian lottery results/analysis          8  Royce Penny
Irish Lotto results via teletext           8  RTE Teletext
Canadian lottery results                   8  Bill Gillespie
Canadian lottery results and analysis      8  Buddy Villaluz (Updated)
Finnish lottery                            8  Veikkaus
Trinidad & Tobago results and shareware    8  Gordon Gonsalves
Swiss Lotto tickets sold online            8  Federico Cesconi (Updated)
Canadian lottery results                   7  Interactive Connections
Australian lottery ticket vendor           7  Luck-e-Lotto
Portuguese lottery results/software        7  Jorge Salgado (Updated)
Lottery results from around the world      7  World Shoppers Int. Ltd.
Official Canadian lottery results          7  Atlantic Lottery Corporation (Updated)
Canadian lottery results                   7  Omega
Australian Lottery tickets sold on-line    7  TMS Australian Lottery Services
German lottery agent                       7  Otto Wulff
Official Swiss lottery site                7  Loterie Romande
Swiss Lotto tickets sold online            7  The Hyper-Store
Official Polish lottery site               6  Doskomp Ltd.
Irish lottery results and tickets          6  Lysa
New Zealand Lotto PC software and results  6  Critec Software (Updated)
Spanish lottery results                    6  Loterķa Ormaechea
Spanish lottery results                    6  Cyber Magazine
Commercial lottery info                    6  Jackpot Alert Service
Official Spanish lottery site              6  Del Rosario
Irish Lotto results and analysis           5  Myles Garland
Irish lottery results and tickets          4  LYSA
Canadian lottery syndicate                 4  Millionaire's Lottery Club
German lottery ticket vendor               1  Lotterie-Einnahme Hameln (Updated)


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