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Description                              Rate Maintainer
LotteryUSA - US lottery results           10  The Cunningham Group, Inc.
Commercial US lottery results              9  LottoNet New Media Srv.
US lottery news, info and results          9  Lottery News
Official Kentucky lottery site             9  InterLotto
Official Pennsylvania lottery site         9  InterLotto
Official Virginia Lottery site             9  InterLotto
Official Florida state lottery site        9  The Millennium Group
Official Minnesota state lottery site      9  Minnesota State
California Super Lotto results             9  Technique Development
Colorado lottery results                   9  Chester Bullock
rec.gambling.lottery newsgroup             8  Usenet
Lotto World magazine                       8  Lotto World
US lottery results                         8  Yahoo!
Florida lottery results and stats          8  Eddy Joe (Updated)
New York lottery results                   8  Finest Image
Official Wisconsin lottery site            8  Wisconsin Lottery
Official Arizona lottery site              8  Arizona Lottery
Official Indiana lottery site              8  Hoosier Lottery
Official California Lottery site           8  California Lottery
US lottery results                         8  USA Today Newspaper
US lottery results                         8  Internet Exchange
Connecticut and Powerball lottery results  8  Quality Graphics & Marketing
Illinois lottery results                   8  Access Illinois (Updated)
Official New York lottery site             8  New York Lottery
Official Nebraska lottery site             8  Nebraska Lottery
Official Kansas lottery site               8  Kansas Lottery
Official Texas state lottery results       8  Texas State Comptroller
Official Oregon state lottery site         8  Oregon Lottery (Updated)
Official Washington state lottery site     8  Washington State Lottery
Official West Virginia state lottery site  8  West Virginia Lottery
California Super Lotto results             8  David Cassano
California results, analysis and software  8  SoftEase Software (Updated)
Lottery sweepstakes game                   8  Automation Alternatives Inc.
Commercial PC California lottery software  8  Warner-Hobbs Software
Official Missouri lottery site             7  Missouri Lottery
Official New Jersey lottery site           7  New Jersey Lottery
US lottery results and analysis            7  Lotto Link
Official Illinois state lottery site       7  Illinois State
Official New Hampshire state lottery site  7  New Hampshire State
Official Iowa state lottery site           7  Iowa State
Official Powerball/Tri-West Lotto pages    7  Multi-State Lottery Association
Official Pennsylvania state lottery site   7  Pennsylvania Lottery
Texas lottery club, results and analysis   7  Dennis Douglas
Arizona state lottery results              7  KVOA Communications Inc. (Updated)
US/Canadian lottery results                7  Microscopolis, Inc.
US lottery results and lottery links       7  Lotto Edge Magazine (Updated)
Michigan Lotto results                     7  The Detroit News
Virginia State Lottery results             7  Herndon Web Services, Inc.
Louisiana Lotto winning numbers            7  Allware Computer Services, Inc.
New Jersey lottery results                 7  World Of Interest Internet Corporation
US lottery results                         7  B & D Used Auto Parts
Lottery America (results/freeware)         6  America's Winning Numbers Corp.
Gwen's Lotto - general lottery info        6  Lottery Connection (Updated)
Virginia State Lottery results             6  Virginia Networks
Shareware PC lottery software              6  XS Software
Commercial PC lottery software/club        6  Entertainment On-line
Latest Texas lottery result                4  Lotto Texas
Arizona state lottery results              3  Unknown (Updated)
Gwen's Lotto pages                         1  Unknown (Updated)
Maine state lottery results                1  Maine State Lottery


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