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Official Queensland lottery site

URL: http://www.goldencasket.com/

Maintained by: Golden Casket

Rating: 8/10

Last connected OK: This week

This site makes heavy use of Java and frames (and refuses to work if your browser doesn't support frames, which is a major no-no !). I switched off Java and at least they've thought about alternatives to Java - it's therefore even more crazy that they've not got a non-frames interface. The FAQ failed to ask the question "how do I buy tickets ?" ("off-line" is the sad answer), the lottery links are poor (only 3 of them - hardly "Lots of links") and the lucky number generator fails to work properly with or without Java. Having said all this, the site is quite attractive and has the potential to be very useful indeed to people in Queensland (though not so much use outside of Australia).


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