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Irish lottery results and tickets

URL: http://indigo.ie/~cohab/

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Too much flashing text on the home page here, but at least all the Irish lottery results are here, unlike other sites. You can also buy Irish lottery tickets, but 16 boards cost $40, which looks like a massive mark-up to me (needless to say, the real price isn't revealed on these pages). The order form is also rather ludicrous, letting you:

  1. Print it out and air mail it (groan).
  2. Print it out and fax it (groan).
  3. E-mail it to them separately (it's not a mailto form !!).
  4. Phone your order in (as if you're going to phone Ireland !!).

The one thing you can't do with the order form is actually submit it directly to them (there's no submit button !). Oh, there's also a (randomly formatted) "latest news" section, which gives snippets of info about the jackpot winners.


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