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PC UK lottery freeware

URL: http://www.defcom.demon.co.uk/

Maintained by: Roger Callan

Rating: 8/10

Last connected OK: 1147 days ago [Updated]

Roger the postman has written a freeware Windows 95/NT Lucky Dip Lotto program and has just released version 3.00. It basically generates random tickets for you and there's a screenshot now to see what comes up (aw, the numbers aren't in colour :-( ). Roger will also take orders (including a secure online form) for his shareware version called "Lucky Dip Lotto Pro" and, rather surprisingly, actually has a site licence charge (£200) though I suspect most users will just stick with the (cheap) single user licence charge of £10. The links section is reasonable if you're looking for other like-minded sites.


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