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Canadian lottery syndicate

URL: http://ww.total.net/~global1/main.html

Maintained by: Millionaire's Lottery Club

Rating: 4/10

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I'm sorry, but this site just doesn't know how to restrain itself - too many exclamation marks and changes of text colour immediately made me distrust it. My initial suspicions were correct - they want you to part with $65 a month to join a syndicate of 100 players and yet nowhere in the entire site do they break down how much it costs "in real life" to buy the tickets and how much they skimming off.

They even have the cheek to advertise a phone number (not sure how much it costs to phone it) on the Web pages to get winning numbers [proudly proclaiming it's "open 24 hours", but so's the Web site !]. At least they do indeed have the latest 6/49 result (presumably Canadian, they don't explicitly state that), which makes the phone line ad even more redundant.


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