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Commercial PC lottery software/club

URL: http://www.eol.com/

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Rating: 6/10

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A frames-based site with plenty of animated GIFs (and a scrolling Java applet thrown in for good measure), this is a well-presented set of pages, though there's only 6 "free" links to other lottery sites. Yes, you have to join their lottery club at $9.95 a month to get the rest (but they do have other facilities with the subscription, such as a WWW lottery chat area, downloadable databases and a regular on-line newsletter).

They say there are "over 3,000 lottery web sites", but one suspects that's just the number of terms returned from an Alta Vista search :-) They've started a "Best Lottery Site" logo scheme, which really is a waste of space - most of the sites nominated are pretty poor efforts ! Interestingly, one of my UK lottery WWW rivals has one of these logos but it's not as comprehensive a site as mine, plus some of the links to other logo winners (e.g. Lotto Central) just don't work !

Oh, they are selling the usual PC lottery software and do actually have screenshots as well as an awful lot of text describing it. A shame then that it's a little pricey at $74.95 ($84.95 for the CD-ROM version), although you can download a shareware version. There's a virtual store available too where you can buy lottery books, cards, dice and even a hand-held lottery computer.


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