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On-line commercial lottery

URL: http://www.pluslotto.com/default.asp?urlref=3300000520521

Maintained by: Inter Lotto (Liechtenstein)

Rating: 10/10

Last connected OK: This week

InterLotto (nothing to do with the US Inter Lotto site) looks like the most trustworthy of the Internet commercial lottery sites (includes independent auditing, lottery machines with multiple ball sets and a Netscape secure server). They've recently introduced the first instant scratchcard games on the Internet as well, which is an "obvious" idea when you think about it but no-one else came up with the idea ! InterLotto are the sponsors of the Virtual UK National Lottery and the UK National Lottery pages now have an entire section dedicated to InterLotto statistics. They have recently opened Plus Lotto which has taken over from the old InterLotto weekly lottery and has a higher jackpot ($1 million).


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