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On-line commercial lottery

URL: http://www.interkeno.com/

Maintained by: InterKeno Ltd.

Rating: 6/10

Last connected OK: 1048 days ago [Updated]

I'm not sure what to make of this site. It holds a draw every 30 minutes (hmmm...) and is "approved" by the Gibraltar government (but traceroutes to *.demon.net in the UK). However, you have to register via an expensive international phone call to Gibraltar (this gets you a user ID and password), but then they wreck this supposedly "secure" method by allowing insecure submissions of the ID/password via a WWW interface ! Some smart graphics here (complete with the left-hand side of the screen wasted via a pointless margin though), but how do you get a list of previous winning numbers without registering via that ludicrous international phone call ?


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