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Spanish lottery tickets sold on-line

URL: http://www.megalotto.com/

Maintained by: Erin Ltd.

Rating: 6/10

Last connected OK: 1749 days ago [Updated]

This company, based in Ireland, is selling Spanish lottery tickets on-line costing between $29.95 and $79.95 for what they say is between 20,838 and 83,352 chances to win. There's a claim that the typical jackpot pool is $236 million, but they don't state how many people actually typically share that jackpot (if it's hundreds, then the individual jackpots will be small). At least there's an on-line form to buy tickets, but they don't make it clear if they are charging a markup (they probably are). There's also a so-called "Instant Win" game where you always seem to match 3 and win (dinky Java applet though), but the $5,000 prize can only be claimed by people who have bought Spanish lottery tickets :-(

Well, well, well - the owners of this site deviously nipped in as soon as US InterLotto folded and grabbed their old www.interlotto.com domain name, duly pointing it to this site. Strangely enough though, neither "megalotto" nor "interlotto" actually describe this lottery, but maybe that's because the domain www.elgordo.com has already been taken...


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