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URL: http://www.internet-ireland.ie/lottonet/

Maintained by: Lottonet

Rating: 1/10

Last connected OK: This week

The home page has a huge GIF animation, he's "borrowed" my UK lottery logo (don't know why - it's not a good graphic to steal !) and his main index has blue text on a blue background...great stuff. Many other pages have black text on a very dark blue background, making it pretty well impossible to read - what do these people preview their pages on ? Trying to follow the links is "fun" with some links missing and others are (choke) copies of my HTML tables of winning numbers (with the colours changed to try to make people think they did it) ! Time to e-mail him about this methinks. This site also allows you to (illegally) buy UK lottery tickets at 1.55 Irish pounds each (more expensive than the £1 they cost) and asks for your credit card number insecurely of course.

There seems to be a lot of front-end screens (including a so-called "skill question") before you actually get to the entry page, which turns out to be an insecure form asking for your credit card details. I haven't seen any pages containing a detailed explanation of this service, although you can imply that UK lottery tickets are probably bought in Ireland to support the "$10m jackpot prize" claim (that implication is only inferred from one phrase on the home page !). Until this site gives out proper details on the scheme, I would advise people to steer clear of this, especially since it may well turn out to be someone selling UK tickets at a profit, which is illegal.


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