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Commercial lottery ticket vendors

Description                              Rate Maintainer
Australian lottery tickets sold online     9  Dreams Come True (Updated)
South German lottery ticket vendor         8  SKL Boesche
German lottery agent                       8  Harry Neugebauer
Swiss Lotto tickets sold online            8  Federico Cesconi (Updated)
Australian lottery ticket vendor           7  Luck-e-Lotto
Lottery results from around the world      7  World Shoppers Int. Ltd.
Australian Lottery tickets sold on-line    7  TMS Australian Lottery Services
German lottery agent                       7  Otto Wulff
Swiss Lotto tickets sold online            7  The Hyper-Store
Barney's Lotto Corner                      7  Bernhard Raggl
Australian lottery tickets sold on-line    7  Territory Lottery Company
Lottery ticket vendor                      6  Tiger Pool
South African lottery tickets sold online  6  Viva
Irish lottery results and tickets          6  Lysa
Spanish lottery tickets sold on-line       6  Erin Ltd. (Updated)
"Free" lottery game                        5  BIG International
UK/Canadian lottery tickets sold online    5  F.U.E.
Irish lottery results and tickets          4  LYSA
On-line lottery                            3  Prize Lottery Online
German lottery ticket vendor               1  Lotterie-Einnahme Hameln (Updated)
Commercial UK lottery agency               1  UK-Cathay Services
Lottery tickets sold on-line               1  Lottonet
UK lottery tickets sold online             0  InterLott (Updated)


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