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Winning numbers for Lotto #1964 (Saturday 18th October 2014):
01 22 30 33 40 47 (42)
One ticket won the £4,894,097 jackpot prize
50 £20,000 raffle winning tickets: (Check)
[No ticket won £130,000 in HotPicks #1282]

It's draw day for Lotto #1965! Ticket sales close at 7.30pm BST, so hurry...

Euro Millions winning numbers for Euro Millions #739 (Tuesday 21st October 2014):
20 21 27 33 40 (03 10)
No ticket won the 181,778,808 Euros (£143,641,614) jackpot prize
Millionaire Raffle winning ticket: GYW290078

Thunderball winning numbers for Thunderball #1660 (Saturday 18th October 2014):
13 21 26 27 33 (06)
No ticket won the £500,000 Thunderball jackpot

UK National Lotto Newsflash (Tuesday 21st October 2014):
Friday's Euro Millions jackpot prize pool will be capped at 190m Euros thanks to some very pointless rules (scroll down to "Jackpot cap"). If it isn't won on Friday, any excess above 190m Euros goes into the 5+1 prize tier of Friday's draw. If it isn't won next Tuesday as well, the entire jackpot (including any excess I think - it's not clear) rolls down to the 5+1 prize tier of next Tuesday's draw. And, yes, I've bought a ticket for Friday's draw - a rare occurrence for me.

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